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Thankful Thursday: Annie Lorinda Mundie, a Rich Resource of Clarkson Family History

Annie Lorinda Mundie (Munday) was born 27 April 1881, daughter of Richard Arnold Mundie and Kate Conway Clarkson.  She is my second cousin, three times removed.  Her parents were married in December 1878, and they resided in Baltimore Maryland during the early years of their marriage.  But, sometime before 1900 the Mundie family returned to live near their ancestral home in Essex county Virginia.  Annie Mundie had an older brother Julian Conway Mundie who appears as an infant in the 1880 census.  It is believed that he died young, leaving Annie Lorinda Mundie as the only living child of her parents. 

We do not have details of Annie Mundie's childhood.  The 1940 census indicates that she completed an education through grade six.  She may have suffered with health issues through her life.  A letter between her cousin RA Clarkson and his son SE Clarkson in March of 1906, makes this mention,

I found a nice letter awaiting me from sister Kate [Kate Clarkson Mundie]. She invites us to make her another visit this summer. Richard’s [Richard Mundie] health was very poor during past winter – but better now. Annie [Annie Mundie] still quite deaf, with no prospect of getting better. She had been helping her father in his grocery store.

From this snippet, written when Annie Mundie was about age twenty-five, we learn that her father, Richard Mundie operated a grocery store.  This was probably in the community of Tappahonnock in Essex county Virginia.  Richard Mundie died sometime between this 1906 letter and the 1920 census, when Annie L Mundie, age thirty-eight, appears in the home of her widowed mother in Albemarle county Virginia (City of Charlottesville).   It is not known how Kate Clarkson Mundie and her daughter Annie supported themselves after Richard Mundie's death, but there is clear evidence that my Clarkson ancestors provided generous bequests, and a regular stipend through the years.  This was evidence of the great affection held by my great, great-grandfather, Richard Albert Clarkson, for his cousin, who he always called “Sister Kate”. 

Kate Clarkson Mundie died in Charlottesville Virginia in 1931.  Her obituary mentions the care she gave her “invalid” daughter Annie.  Beyond deafness, the nature of Annie Mundie's illness is not known.  After her mother's death she managed to care for herself.  The 1940 census shows her as a resident of the Martha Jefferson Sanatorium, also named as “The Old Ladies Home”, in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

In the 1950's she maintained a correspondence with my grandfather, Albert Clarkson.  Two surviving letters, written by Annie Mundie in 1954 and 1956, provided a wealth of information on my Clarkson ancestors.  When Arnold Motley, Clerk of Essex County Virginia, compiled his ClarksonFamily Research (probably in the 1950's or 60's), Annie supplied much of the data he included in his report. Obviously she listened (despite deafness) to the Family Stories, recorded them in her memory, and willingly shared them with others who wanted to hear.  I will be forever grateful!  

For more details on Annie Lorinda Mundie, visit her page at Family Stories,  If you would enjoy reading her letters, full of wonderful family history, they are included in the pdf document titled, Clarkson Family Letters, available in the Features Archive at Family Stories,  See pages 5 – 7 of the Clarkson Family Letters.

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