Friday, February 6, 2015

Markham of Chesterfield, A new website

After a generous year’s work, I finally have a new genealogy website up and running – Markham of Chesterfield.  It is a project that has been long on my heart.  It tells the story of my 6xgreat-grandfather, John Markham of Chesterfield county Virginia, his ancestors and descendants.  John Markham was born in county Kilkenny Ireland, just after the opening of the Eighteenth Century.  As a young man, about 1730 – 1735, he immigrated to America, settling first in Orange county New York, and eventually moving his large family to Chesterfield county Virginia.  I have been researching and gathering stories on the Markham family for thirty-five years. 

In December 2013 I determined to set aside work on the Family Stories website and blog until I could complete my Markham project, and get it up onto the web.  I hoped for a four to six month hiatus.  But, as those things go – here I am, almost fourteen months later – ready to return to my Family Stories project.  I look forward to picking up where I left off – with some accounts of my Fry and Tanner families.   

Coming soon  – Joshua Fry at William and Mary College

I would love to have you visit at my new Markham of Chesterfield website.  I have also made some recent additions on the Van Lear family at the Family Stories, website.  To help place the Van Lears on the family tree - Jane Van Lear and her husband Archibald Robinson are the grandparents of Elizabeth Robinson Clarkson.

Moving back in time:  Albert Luther Clarkson 1901 > Aubin M Fry 1878 > Eliza Brooks Hutchins 1844 > Aubin M Markham 1817 > John Markham 1770 > Bernard Markham 1737 > John Markham of Chesterfield, abt 1700.

Moving back in time:  Albert Luther Clarkson 1901 > Samuel Edwin Clarkson 1875 > Elizabeth Jane Robinson 1848 > Preston McGready Robinson > Jane Van Lear 1795 > John Van Lear 1747 > Jacob Van Lear 1710.

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