Saturday, June 17, 2017

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Life Happens, . . . and sometimes it changes our direction.  Over the past year I have needed to focus more attention on my living family, and have mostly set aside my search for family in the past.  Now I have an opportunity to return to some work on my Family Stories website and blog, and I am delighted to be posting new notes and stories on some of my husband’s family lines.

Richard William “Dick” Garrett, born 1925 to Otis S Garrett and Elba J Hoffman.

I will be adding all that I know about my husband’s Garrett and Hancock families to my database at the Family Stories Website, and I hope to add a few articles here at the Family Stories Blog to introduce these family branches.

So far, I can only carry the Garrett line back to the 1820’s in Benton county Tennessee, where my husband’s 3xgreat-grandfather, John Garrett, was living with his wife Jemima Walker.  All the research I have done seems to point to John Garrett being a descendant of Stephen Garrett of Buckingham county Virginia, but the connection remains elusive.  Recent DNA evidence is suggesting that there might be more to the Stephen Garrett story than researchers have credited.

I am also excited to share a collection of mostly early 20th century photographs for the Hancock family of Dekalb County Missouri.  Isaac Sylvester Garrett, grandson of the above mentioned John Garrett and Jemima Walker, married Margaret Susan Hancock in 1890 Dekalb County Missouri. She was the daughter of Richard White Hancock and Elizabeth “Betty” Taylor, and the granddaughter of Edward Hancock and his wife Jemima White.  The Hancock photos will appear, along with family data, at the Family Stories website. 

Coming up next – The “Turkey Herding” Garretts.

For more details on John Garrett and Edward Hancock, visit their pages at Family Stories,

Moving back in time:   Richard William “Dick” Garrett 1925 > Otis Sylvester Garrett  1894 > Isaac Sylvester Garrett 1860 > Isaac Walker Garrett 1831 > John Garrett 1805.

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