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Jane Faulds: Who is your Daddy?

Jane Faulds, my great-great grandmother, was born in 1836 in Stewarton, Ayrshire Scotland.  Her location and year of birth is consistently born out in census and marriage records.  She grew up in Stewarton, where her father was a tailor.  In 1855 she married my great-great grandfather, John Hutchison, and they settled in his neighboring community of Springside in Dreghorn, Ayrshire Scotland.  I’ve experienced tension in trying to discover the identity of Jane Faulds’ parents.  For me, two different sets of parents step forward and try to claim the title.  I want to look at both here.

I should begin by saying that this set is the most likely choice for parents of my Jane Faulds.  The reason is simple – because she names them as her parents in both of her marriage licenses. 

Marriage Register of County Ayre, Scotland; 1855; Parish of Munchline
2 Feb 1855, of Dreghorn, after Banns, According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church of Scotland -John Hutchison of Dreghorn; 23; miner; born Munchline [marries] Jean Faulds of Stewarton; 19; born Stewarton; parents of John Hutchison are Robert Hutchison (weaver) and Margaret Hutchison; parents of Jean (Jane) Faulds are John Faulds (smith) and Jean Thurndon/Thomson; married by John C Jamieson, minister of the Parish Church at Dreghorn.

Marriages Parish of Dreghorn, County of Ayre 1875
William Bird, coal miner, bachelor, age 29 of Dreghorn and Jane Falls (Faulds) widow 39 of Springside; married 27 Jul 1875 at the Croft Hotel, Dreghorn after Banns according to the forms of the Established Church of Scotland; parents of William Bird are John Bird (coal miner, deceased) and Mary Torrance; parents of Jane Faulds are John Faulds (tailor) and Jane Thompson; by James Milroy, minister.

As I read these marriage licenses they suggest to me that Jane Fauld’s parents are living in 1855 and 1875 (they are not noted as deceased).  The first license states that Jane Faulds was born in Stewarton (1836) and was “of Stewarton” when she married in 1855.  This suggests (without certainty) that Jane grew up in Stewarton, and from that I assume that her parents were residents of Stewarton (at least in 1855).  During the 1800’s there are lots of people with the name Faulds (Foulds) in the county of Ayr; and more specifically there are many by that name in the community of Stewarton.   But, my research is frustrated by the lack of evidence of a John Faulds, wife Jane, and daughter Jane born about 1836.  I have searched the plentiful records of both Stewarton and the larger county of Ayr.  Where are they?  

Set 2:  James Faulds and Jane Reid
James Faulds and his wife Jane Reid are very visible in the Census and Parish Records of Stewarton, Ayrshire Scotland.  Their marriage appears, as do the births of their children, and they are clearly identified in census records.  During my Faulds family research they grabbed my attention because they had a daughter, Jane Faulds (Foulds), who was born 29 November 1835.  The parents, James Faulds (Foulds) and Jane Reid are identified in her birth and christening records.    This Jane Faulds also appears with her parents in the 1851 Census for Stewarton, Ayrshire Scotland. 

I’ve followed this family of James Faulds (Foulds) and Jane Reid and their nine children.  James Faulds’ father might be Hugh Faulds who married Margaret Wyllie 1808 in Dunlop, Ayrshire Scotland (yet to be proven).  There are lots of possibilities for exploring their ancestors.  I like this family!  I think Jane Faulds (Foulds), daughter of James Faulds and Jane Reid, would be a delightful great-great grandmother.

But, alas, I suspect I am ‘barking up the wrong tree’ when I try to call down my Faulds ancestors.  Why would my Jane Faulds clearly state that her parents were John Faulds and Jane Thompson, if her parents were really James Faulds and Jane Reid?  I keep asking myself that question, feeling confident that the answer will surface one day.

So, Jane Faulds . . . Who is your Daddy?

For more details on JaneFaulds, visit her page at FamilyStories,  A blog posting on Jane Faulds’ son, Robert Hutchison, will appear on this blog soon.  It includes more clues related to Jane Faulds.  

Photo:  Peter’s Brae (hillside), Stewarton, East Ayrshire, Scotland; contributed to Wikimedia commons, by Rosser, 2011.

Moving back in time:  Robert Hutchison 1901  >Robert Hutchison 1858 >Jane Faulds  1836 (wife of John Hutchison).

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