Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Grandmother Maa’s Christmas Card Collection

Thinking of Christmas Past, I looked through my grandmother Maa’s (Edith Tanner Hutchison) Christmas card collection and came across this lovely card.  It was sent by Isabel Crim Martin and her husband Willis Martin to Robert “Bob” Hutchison and his wife Edith Tanner Hutchison in 1969.  The relationship – Isabel Crim was the daughter of Palmer Crim and Robena Hutchison Crim.  And, Robena Hutchison Crim was the sister of my grandfather, Robert “Bob” Hutchison.  That makes Isabel Crim Martin my first cousin once removed.  In the personal message Isabel mentions the death of “Baba”.  This is my great-grandmother Isabel Wilson Hutchison, who died 11 December 1968, at the age of 101.       

A Blessed Christmas to all,
Pam Garrett
Rejoice, Christ our Savior is born!!

Personal Message:
Dear Uncle Bob and Aunt Edith –
It was so good to see you last month although we could wish it had been on a different occasion.  I cannot help but be thankful that our dear Baba is out of her misery though.  You were sweet to let me have your car and I do appreciate it.  It made the trip for mother and me much easier.  We have just returned from a glorious Christ – Mass week in New York.  We visited our dear friends the Broburgs.  He is an Episcopal priest and it was quite an experience living in the rectory for a busy High Holy Season.  Willis is in bed again this week with a second bout of the flu.  Hope you have a blessed 1969. 
Love, Isabel

Card Text: 
God grant these gifts to you: His Star to lead you on your way; The joy, the faith, the friendship;That come with this glad day; And ever in the New Year; Like an answer to a prayer, The light of peace to bless you; And guide you everywhere!
Willis and Isabel Martin
Epiphany 1969 
Photo:  This card was published by Washington Cathedral in Washington DC.  Visitation of the Magi by P Cloes, contemporary, Belgian.

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